Dear Partners,

WP2 in Medine2 is focused on Mobility. We need your contribution to fullfill 2 deliverables linked to the same webpage

1/ Institution data file

Deliverable number 4
Title Interactive web pages for students, administrators and academics.
Type of outcome / product / results Web pages
Description: A specific section of the MEDINE2 website will be devoted to information and resources relate to mobility and use of the ECTS system. It will include facilities for visitors to register on a database and receive all of the outputs of the workpackage, and to interact on-line with members of the workpackage team.

In order to develop an efficient interactive web page to all your students, administrators and academics interested in mobility, could you fill in the data sheet concerning your institution before September 2011, at the latest?

In these conditions, we will be ready to present you a definitive version of an effective website on next General meeting in 2012.

2/ Statistics data file

Deliverable number 7
Title On-line survey of European medical mobility
Type of outcome / product / results On-line survey
Description: An on-line survey will be undertaken, seeking responses from every European medical school, in order to survey the current state and evolution of European medical mobility. Results will be registered in a continually up-dated interactive database accessed through the MEDINE2 website. The survey will be conducted annually during the project in order to define trends over time.

Currently, the European Commission does not know what is the exact flow of mobility in medicine.
Therefore, it is important to have a dynamic glance on mobility of medical students in Europe.

We and ECTS MA members only get an idea of what the flow is thanks to previous encoding and analysis of results. Unfortunately this encoding was only partial and results did not reflect reality.

We are working hardly on a system that will give statistics for your institution in comprehensive charts. This will be done in a few months. The objective is to offer each university partner with an immediate analysis of mobility exchanges.

To meet the commitment of WP2 it is imperative to collect data from 2008 to make significant analysis. We hope it will feasible for all of you.

To log on you need first to contact Monique Léonard and give her the name of your medical school /university: She will give you your personal access code to enter the web pages of the database.

With many thanks for your cooperation.

Sylvain Meuris, WP2 Deputy
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